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Collect with Hotel Points and more... loyalty points at your hotel.

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With the Hotel Points and more... Hotel Partners you have the opportunity to collect loyalty points for various products and services related to your vacation experience.

Become a "Very-Important-Guest" at the same time, go on a discovery tour with us and fill your V.I.G account.

Collect loyalty points

If you collect loyalty points, you will get more out of your next stay. At the same time, you also increase your status as a regular guest at your favorite hotel, because your hotel now also knows how much you would like to plan your next vacation at the same place.

What advantages does your favorite hotel offer?

Discover which advantages you receive as a regular guest at your favorite hotel. Here we offer you an overview of our partner hotels with their individual service and special offers for V.I.G.s.

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Find here already our alliance partners and get an overview of the 'external' offers in your vacation region.

Many of our hotel partners are also networked supra-regionally and thus offer attractive added value even beyond your vacation period.